Existing since 1978, we have been fostering exponentially following simple standards- Keep It Real and Make It Better. How are we different then? We're different because we love what we do. We are fueled by a hardcore passion for achieving what others cannot. Clear strategy, smart thinking, and distinctive approach are all it takes to make us stand out from the crowd. We have always set up a benchmark through our inventions. We believe in realizing "Why Not?”

New challenges motivate us to act and constantly look for improved solutions. We strive to deliver quality and transparency of products, making us ahead of the competition and set up new trends. We have our own culture and nurture values to become a talented team dreamers and builders. And we promise, to never leave you alone once you are onboard!


We began our journey with a goal- Make a difference and change people’s lives for a better tomorrow.
Through the trials of the time en route magnificent triumph, we remained undeterred.
This is how our journey to excellence unfolded over 39 years of memorable moments and still going!

  1. Portable Electric Power Tool

    The company has been in the portable electrical tools business from almost over three and half decades and is consistently a profitable organization ever since it came into an existence. Prompt manufactures more than fifty types of tools right from the comprehensive range of Electric Drills, Impact and Hammer drills, Grinders, Cobra Angle Grinders, Marble Cutter, Sander, Polishers, Blowers, Planner, Circular saw, Router, Flexible Shaft machines, Cut-off Machines covering different types of woodworking to metalworking tools & Armatures.

  2. Electronic Weighing Scale

    The Electronic Weighing Scale accurately measures weight and stores the data into the system. With unique three colors real-time notification/ alert system, the manufacturing companies can make adequate changes in the production line to gain more accuracy as per set standards. The weighing scale ensures error-free weight measurement, checks product giveaways, eliminates unreliability and handwritten records, analyzes production status, and displays real-time production statistics.

  3. Automatic Milk Collection System

    Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) is a genius solution to automate the entire milk collection process making it efficient, transparent and less time-consuming. Our system incorporates complete solution right from capturing weight, measuring Fat & SNF level, and can automatically check the milk type (Cow milk or Buffalo milk). Based on the parameters collected, it calculates rates, saves transaction record, and prints the detail of the transaction. Managing database of Farmers is part of the system functionality enabling easy payment to the Farmers.

  4. Fat’omatic

    Fat’omatic is a fully automatic milk fat measuring machine, which is specially designed to measure fat content in the milk. This fat measuring machine is appreciated for its quality, accuracy, and consistency. Since the machine is fully automatic, it eliminates human error, comprises of sensor-based motorized operation, easy and minimal maintenance, is compatible with most of the computers, handles a wide range of voltage, and gives identical readings on repeated measurements.

  5. Milk Analyzer - Indiz

    It is India’s first Milk Analyzer that assures accurate results and astonishing repeatability. The machine analyzes and tests milk quality by obtaining accurate values of fat, SNF, and added water content in the milk. Salient features of this machine comprise of the replaceable part, rugged yet lightweight framework, elegant and compact design, dependable structure, cost effective operation due to very low power consumption, RS232 interface and POS Printer Support, and ensures easy operation, cleaning & calibration.

  6. Embedded and Application Software Services

    The company began its overseas venture by engaging with international clients and developing the projects customized based on their business requirements. Possessing a technical know-how and expertise over diverse platforms like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ASP.Net, Android, iOS, and Embedded, our team is much acclaimed for its worth mentioning efforts. Some of the successful projects include Penguin App, Master Data Management System, Application Tracking System, QuickBooks, AMCS Portal, Phibro, Creamistry POS App, and Shrinathji App among others.

  7. JV with FOSS

    FOSS is known throughout the world for efficient, analytical solutions that help to improve both food quality and safety in the global food market. FOSS provides instruments and solutions to the world’s largest food companies and has been at the forefront of creating analytical technology for years. Prompt Group agreed and entered into a joint venture with FOSS to collectively indulge into the dairy business by developing technically advanced milk analyzing tools and devices. Prompt Group is the only company authorized to market the FOSS products in India.

    Designed & Implemented AMCS Central Portal

    Until now, the data at VDCS (Village Dairy Cooperative Society) were stored and accessible locally through pen drive and memory cards. Though the system offered many benefits, this particular feature raised a need to access the data of all VDCS and farmers even outside the peripheries. Hence, a centralized database management system, precisely a cloud system, was built to store data at a common location to provide consistency and accessibility from any remote location at any given moment of time through continuous internet connectivity.

  8. Preferred Vendor – NDP I

    Prompt Group is the preferred vendor by National Dairy Plan Phase I (NDP I). A few vendors are enrolled into the system. Milk Unions send requirements and in return, customer inquiries are sent out. The vendors are asked to send their quotations and once received, these quotations are analyzed to filter out the ones who offer reasonable quotes. The vendor who offers the lowest quotation on the said requirement is recognized and subsequently, the order is placed to the particular vendor.

  9. BMC Monitoring System

    BMC SmartBox is an IOT device designed to monitor Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC). It basically helps you to maintain milk quality, real-time weight & volume tracking, receive instant alerts on any malfunction, obtain detailed reports for better analysis, is portable yet simple to operate, and incorporates super concrete data security with AES-256 encryption. Any deviation or critical event will be notified by Email/SMS Alert. Our system simultaneously monitors all the parameters and send data to the server at a certain interval to prevent degradation of milk quality.

  10. Amul AMCS

    Amul AMCS is an initiative by GCMMF (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation) in association with Prompt Group. The company is the preferred vendor by Amul. It is the biggest IT integration in the history of dairy industry in India. The objective is to connect 3.6 million farmers of Gujarat by building a common digital platform for farmers and Milk Unions. The company has been successful in accomplishing the project by developing a central database for storing data and modern applications like Farmers App and Milk Union App to access the same.

  11. Animal Husbandary

    The main goal of the Animal Husbandry (AH) project is to increase the milk production of the country by guiding the farmers how they can improve cattle feeding, cattle breeding, and farm management in a scientific way and increase their profitability. AH software will guide the farmers about the scientific way of farm management. For this, it will record every single detail of all animals of the farmer which is registered in our AH service. The system will also comprise a team of experienced veterinary doctors who will provide their intelligence to our AH service.

Our Vision

" Technology solutions with ethics & commitments; making work and life; easy and better for all. "

Our Mission

" We are dedicated to provide technology solutions for our customers to make their life easy and betterWe are dedicated to providing technology solutions for our customers to make their life easy and better. "

Core Values

  • BELIEF: We believe in what we do.
  • INTEGRITY: We do what we say, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behaviour.
  • PASSION: We love what we do, taking the lead, and leading by example.
  • DYNAMIC: We constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach, and to add value.

Our Brand Promise, "Make Things Happen"

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