Automation In, Manual Out

Often, small-scale industries and retail stores are neglected because investors assume they might not gain good and marginal returns. However, they can hardly calculate how little yet profitable indulgence in retail business could yield huge benefits, often even greater than the big ones!

And here at Prompt, we believe, every business starts from small. We have designed devices that automate restaurant management activities and retail data boxes to manage outlets remotely. Such devices speed up the activities by 25%, thereby reaping benefits to both client and the investor.

Products We Are Proud of

We drive results through a combination of deep understanding of your industry, customer insights and our product expertise.


Wi-Fi Restaurant Management App

Penguin App is a Restaurant Management System that computerizes all the workflow of a restaurant making it quick and accurate as well. Right from taking the orders of the customers till the Bill Generation, all the tasks including the minute ones, are handled by this app. The app makes all the tasks efficient and does not compromise with the quality of services provided by the restaurant.

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Restaurant Mobile Apps! What You Really Need To Know!

Mobile apps are considered as the life-line of any online business. Almost all platforms, right from clothing industry to appliance industry and from eCommerce...

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How To Gain Customer Satisfaction With Restaurant Management Software

How to make customers happy? WOW! Something every restaurant owner should explore about, however before covering the actual topic let’s focus on few facts...

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